ER vs Curtis (Non-League)

Track Fans,

Despite rain and wind, the Jaguars took to the track (and field) and performed extremely well considering the conditions. In an attempt to show you more results, I am going to keep my commentary brief (happy BD Erik). I am including all of the athletes that achieved personal bests today against Curtis. Hopefully this allows you to spread the love a bit more when congratulating students in your classes! Full results can be found here: 

100: Boys: Logan Hawley (11.66), Michael Saunders, Skye Berbert, Jack Jindra, Justyn Forward, Jon McNally, and Brandon Black; Girls: Nicole Fleetwood, Carley Huber, Faith Fawcett, Karalyn Dutton, and Jacqueline Cazaras-Blas.

200: Girls: Faith Fawcett, Karalyn Dutton, Allison Santos-Rodriguez; Boys: Logan Hawley (23.74), Niccalis Cruz.

400: Boys: Deon Durr (54.88), Logan Hawley, Allen Fox, Filemon Beni, and Andrew Darby; Girls: Sydney Colbern.

800 (First high school victory for freshman Carley  Huber): Girls: Yeena Kee, Christina Noll; Boys: Jessie Foster, Josiah Chapman, Christian Galang, Ben Stilphen.

1600: Boys: Jessie Foster (4:42), Orion Shelton; Girls: Roz Slichko (new freshman school record – 5:16), Emily Wells (5:43), Melody Ferguson.

300 Hurdles: Boys: Skye Berbert (46.03 first high school win), Brandon Black.

Girls 4x200: Winners: Jasmine Beebe, Jade Williams, Jordan Williams, Nicole Fleetwood

4x400 Winners: Roz Slichko, Sydney Colbern, Emma Bates, Hannah Scheerer, Skye Berbert, Yahir Gonzalez,  Allen Fox, Ben Clarke.

Shot Put: Boys: Josh Palafox, CJ Roberts, Chase Powers; Girls: Isabelle Fontana, Thanatcha Dorn-In

Discus: Boys: Daniel Lewis (first high school win), Jared Curran

Javelin: Girls: Melody Ferguson (first high school win); Boys: Mitch Douglas, Allen Fox, Cameron Watson, Justin Cummings.

Long Jump: Boys: Justyn Forward, Jack Jindra.

Triple Jump: Deon Durr double-winner in both long and triple jump.

When it is pouring down rain over spring break and you are either somewhere exotic or tucked in next to the fire, think about us out at track practice all week... appreciate your continued support. 


ER Track Staff

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